The ups, the downs and the in betweens of a small business owner

Hey... to whoever who is reading this, hi there! By now, I would have launched Sundownglory and I would have released whatever I have been doing over the past few months to the world. So *pats on self. 








I wanted to write this post to actually share about what goes on behind the scenes at Sundownglory. Backstory, I actually started out with clay earrings back in 2019. I was fresh out of University and I wanted to do something to occupy my time. I started experimenting with clay and ended up making clay earrings. Eventually, I set up an instagram page and started selling the clay earrings! However, I manage to get myself a day job and things got busy and I wasn't able to maintain the instagram page. I was busy and didn't really continue with my clay earrings.

Fast-forward to 2020, where many things happened as you all should know. Covid hits, couple of personal things and everything just started falling apart. I was taking the time to rest, heal my mental state and just taking things slow. I was trying to find myself and just figuring things out and my life out. I started doing many things that I didn't do before.

Over quarantine, I picked up so many new things. I started reading books, learning to sew and making jewellery. By now, I read over 20 books (I haven't been reading much nowadays because I have been busy doing up Sundownglory, needa get back to it). I learnt how to sew and alter my own clothes (I can do the basic altering of length and the waist). And of course, now I am making jewellery! I wanted to start a passion project out of all the new skills I was learning. I was searching for something fulfilling out of working my day job. WFH definitely helped and gave me a ton of time to work on Sundownglory.

I started planning for Sundownglory. What is my brand about, what do I wanna sell, what do I wanna convey and what are my plans moving forward. I actually wrote it down in my notebook and I realised this was something serious. I really wanted to do it. I started preparing for Sundownglory with my 6 months of prior little business experience. 

What goes on behind a small handmade jewellery business?


Top of my head, I have to 

- Create. Creating my handmade pieces which includes sourcing for materials, supplies and eventually making the pieces.

- Photograph. Photograph the pieces which includes buying props, finding a location, getting good sunlight and lastly, editing the photos.

- Manage the website. Uploading the photos, writing the product descriptions, setting up a website, getting a domain.

- Promote. Setting up social media, promoting, driving traffic to my page, content management, spreading the word. 

- Come up with my own brand. Branding in the form of packaging, designing my brand, cards, the overall brand identity.

Doing all of these alone is no easy feat. I hope you support small businesses and handmade. Each piece is handcrafted with love. Every piece is delicately thought through and slow made. Supporting a small business will mean a lot to the owner.

I'm thankful for all the support so far. From following my instagram, liking my posts and reading my blog. It's these little things that goes a long way and I'm glad to have you here.

I'm excited to keep growing Sundownglory and come up with more new and exciting stuff for you guys!




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