Come what may

It’s now May... almost half a year has gone by... which also means that it has been over 6 months since setting up Sundownglory! Cheers! 

Besides all the business aspect of Sundownglory, I just wanna talk about my own personal life for a bit. May is a transitional month for me! I’m kinda excited and nervous for it. As you all might know, Sundownglory is currently a side hustle which I really do enjoy. I am manifesting and hoping that I can do it full time. In the meanwhile, I do have a day job which I do not fully love. But this month, I’m quitting my day job and I’m moving on to another job!!! I gotta say things have been lining up for me. I have been getting opportunities out of nowhere and I am very thankful and grateful. This new job entails more growth, better prospects and also better remuneration for me! (Which I can then invest in Sundownglory of course 😜) 

I have been busy doing my day job and managing Sundownglory on the side for months now. Now, I finally get two weeks of uninterrupted rest before I start my new job. Not gonna lie, moving onto a new job during a pandemic is low key terrifying for me but I trust that everything will work out. 🥰 Not to worry, I’m still gonna dedicate lots of time towards Sundownglory because it is what I enjoy doing. So do expect new collections. I have so much things planned out!!! 

Right now, I have been making small upgrades towards Sundownglory. I am changing up the packaging to more sustainable and low waste materials. I have also changed my email templates! All these things may be small but it mattes a lot to me. It is always the small things that gonna make a big impact. 

Ahhh I hope you guys are as excited as I am! I can’t wait to create more things and share it with you guys!!!! 

Lotsa love,

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